Military Appreciation Month: Tillman Scholars Share What You Can Do to Honor Veterans

Blog, Military Appreciation Month, Military Appreciation Month | 05/22/2023

The Pat Tillman Foundation is proud to have a community of more than 800 veterans, service members, and military spouses who have served the country in a variety of capacities. As we celebrate Military Appreciation Month, we asked our Tillman Scholars to tell us what they wish more people would do as they honor veterans during the month of May. Check out their responses below:

Emily Balog: Air Force, 2018 Tillman Scholar

“When you say ‘Support our troops,’ understand that that means voting for policy makers who will support services that benefit us…full VA healthcare, disability ratings that improve our ability to meaningfully participate, access to service animals and other supports/supportive communities. Each time you say or write ‘Support our troops’ or ‘Thank you for your service,’ back that statement with actions like voting or donating to a service organization near and dear to a service member trying to better themselves or society.”


Ali Nayyef: Army, 2018 Tillman Scholar
“Try your best to be a good person, especially when the cameras are off and no one will give you credit, praise, or clout for doing the right thing.”



Greg Howe: Marine Corps, 2019 Tillman Scholar

“Appreciation of service is one side of a coin. You can’t appreciate the Military without also appreciating what it serves. This doesn’t mean you need to ride a jet ski while shooting red, white, and blue fireworks. Thats overrated. It does mean acknowledging the promise of our nation, still in progress towards ‘more perfect,’ and why it is worthy of our continued service. To appreciate us is to also appreciate our home.”


Luis Martinez: Marine Corps, 2020 Tillman Scholar

“Get to know some veterans. When you understand someone’s story, you can better help them and find out that we have more in common than we realize.”