November 2, 2023

Tillman Honors

Save the date for our next celebration of Pat’s legacy and the impact of the Tillman Scholars.

Tillman Honors

Join hundreds of our supporters, investors, Tillman Scholars, and others for Tillman Honors 2023 on Nov. 2 to celebrate Pat’s legacy of service and leadership through action.

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Tillman Scholar Bridgette Bell accepts the Make Your Mark Award at Tillman Honors 2022.

The Champion Award

The Champion Award celebrates Pat’s legacy and belief that we should always strive to be part of something bigger than ourselves, by recognizing an individual for remarkable civic contributions, extraordinary fortitude and spirit of service.

Bryan Stevenson

2022 Champion Award

This year, we proudly present the 2022 Champion Award to Bryan Stevenson for his tireless advocacy for a more just and equitable legal system.

Bryan Stevenson is the founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative. Under his leadership, EJI has won major legal challenges eliminating excessive and unfair sentencing, exonerating innocent death row prisoners, confronting abuse of the incarcerated and the mentally ill, and aiding children prosecuted as adults. He has argued and won multiple cases at the United States Supreme Court, and he and his staff have won reversals, relief, or release from prison for over 135 wrongly condemned prisoners on death row and won relief for hundreds of others wrongly convicted or unfairly sentenced. He also led the creation of the Legacy museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and is the author of the bestselling memoir, Just Mercy.

Fawzia Koofi

2021 Champion Award

Jon Stewart & John Feal

2020 Champion Award

2019 Champion Awardee John McCain

Sen. John McCain

2019 Champion Award

Kamau Murray

2018 Champion Award

Gabrielle Giffords & Mark Kelly

2017 Champion Award

Jon Krakauer

2016 Champion Award

Sebastian Junger

2015 Champion Award

The Make Your Mark Award

The Make Your Mark Award celebrates Pat’s legacy and belief that we should always strive to be part of something bigger than ourselves, by recognizing a Tillman Scholar for embodying the values of service, scholarship, humble leadership and impact in their work and daily life.

Bridgette Bell

2022 Make Your Mark Awardee

The 2022 Make Your Mark Award is presented to Bridgette Bell in recognition of her contribution to advocating for mental health and marginalized groups and individuals.

Bridgette Bell is a fourth generation soldier who incorporates military service into every aspect of her life. While in command, Bridgette spent 22 months analyzing and implementing suicide prevention strategies within her unit. She completed her master’s thesis on the Army Suicide Prevention Program and is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Jackson State University specializing in culture, trauma, and grief. She continues to invest herself in bettering the lives of others as the co-founder of Do More Together—the West Point Black & African American Alumni Organization, The ROCKS Inc., Strong Gray Line, Headstrong, and through her avid commitment to volunteering. Bridgette’s steadfast commitment to serving the Tillman Scholar community is founded in the idea of “What can I do?” Her efforts have culminated in strides made for veterans seeking access to mental health resources. Most recently, she was appointed to the Department of Defense’s Independent Review Commission on Sexual Assault in the Military. 


Rick Schumacher

Digital Dunkirk 
2021 Make Your Mark Award

Kate Hoit

Digital Dunkirk 
2021 Make Your Mark Award

Junaid Lughmani

Digital Dunkirk 
2021 Make Your Mark Award

2020 Make Your Mark Awardee Jackie Munn

Jackie Munn

2020 Make Your Mark Award

2019 Make Your Mark Awardee Adrian Perkins

Adrian Perkins

2019 Make Your Mark Award

Jason Turner

2018 Make Your Mark Award

Kimberly Jung

2016 Make Your Mark Award

Adrian Kinsella

2015 Make Your Mark Award

Service to School:
Tim Hsia & Khalil Tawil

2015 Make Your Mark Award

Chris Roessner

2017 Make Your Mark Award

Make Your Mark Talks

2021 Make Your Mark Talks

From Patient to PHD. Regeneration Requires a New Path

Jayme Hentig

In his Make Your Mark talk, originally given at the 2021 Tillman Honors, Tillman Scholar Jayme Hentig reflects on his journey from patient to PhD. Overcoming his fears and neurological deficits in pursuit of continuing service out of uniform and returning to the military community.

Jayme is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Notre Dame, where he has developed a novel blunt-force TBI model in regenerative zebrafish allowing for the examination of both the injury and the regenerative recovery. His work has been nationally recognized by the National Science Foundation, and he has identified injury-induced activated regeneration, the originating regenerative source, and replacement of lost and damaged brain tissue. He aims to further understand the complex gene regulation providing a potential neuroprotective and regenerative therapeutic to at-risk populations such as service members.

Cultivating the American Dream Through Early Intervention

Sadia Heil

In her talk, originally presented at 2021 Tillman Honors, 2020 Tillman Scholar Sadia Heil reflects on her the mental and emotional grit required to support and champion for her child with developmental delays through early intervention.

As a mother, an Air Force reservist, and a military spouse, Sadia is enthusiastic about advocacy and education. She holds a master of education in special education, with a focus on autism spectrum disorders. She envisions serving individuals with disabilities—the world’s largest minority—through teaching, advocacy, and helping the most vulnerable communities access the services they deserve.

Embracing Connectedness with Ourselves and Each Other

Dave Prakash

In his talk, originally presented at the 2021 Tillman Honors, 2017 Tillman Scholar Dave Prakash reflects on the role that connectedness played in his journey to understand who he is — and the reasons why we all need to embrace finding connectedness with ourselves and each other.

Dave Prakash left a career as a doctor to join the Air Force as a pilot after 9/11. He served 13 years on active duty, becoming an operational test pilot and flight surgeon. Dave left the Air Force in 2017 and became a Tillman Scholar, attending Stanford University. He studied business management and public policy for 2 years. Today, Dave works on artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology in healthcare and on future aerospace systems. In his free time, Dave advises early-stage companies and serves on the board of WomenHeart. He mentors anyone that asks (and many who didn’t) and likes to explore unusual ideas.

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