2019 Tillman Scholar

Gregory Howe

Marine Corps
Brown University
M.S., Cybersecurity

“With an unconquerable spirit and the right training, I will continue to serve my country in the field of cybersecurity.”

Searching for a cause greater than himself and a challenge demanding total commitment, Greg approached a Marine Officer recruiter in Los Angeles in 2007. Heavily tattooed with arms that stretched the limits of his neatly pressed uniform, the recruiter curtly asked: “what makes you think you’re good enough to lead Marines?” Greg knew this was the right team and left sunny California for Marine Officer Candidate School.

After returning from deployments to southern Afghanistan, and seeking more rewarding assignments and greater responsibility, Greg decided to attend MARSOC Assessment and Selection. After the assessment, Greg was confident that regardless of the outcome, the pursuit of worthwhile challenges in service of a larger cause would be the hallmark of the rest of his life. The result was positive, and the adventure continued.

Assigned to 3rd Marine Raider Battalion, working with the most dedicated and capable professionals in the DoD, Greg supported efforts throughout Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In this capacity, he witnessed the emerging significance of cybersecurity and the growing vulnerability of our nation to malign actors.

With no significant background in the field, but remembering the challenge offered by his Marine recruiter, he asked himself, “What makes me think I’m good enough to help protect our nation’s cyber-infrastructure?” The scope of the challenge was all the proof he needed. Greg has been accepted to Brown University’s graduate program in cybersecurity, and he will continue to serve his country after graduation through his work in the public sector.