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The Regional Council is made up of volunteers who dedicate their time, talents, networks and resources to raise awareness and financial support for the work and mission of the Pat Tillman Foundation. Regional council members have a passion for PTF’s mission and support the Foundation and its staff by utilizing their individual and collective abilities, resources, and connections. In return, the Pat Tillman Foundation provides council members exclusive access to community events and leadership opportunities.

Regional Council Objectives: 

  • Amplify the Pat Tillman Foundation’s mission, work, and presence in the local area
  • Host and volunteer at local events supporting the Foundation & veteran community
  • Contribute towards a collective fundraising goal in support of the Foundation
  • Lead as an official ambassador for the Pat Tillman Foundation 

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Commitment to Diversity

The Pat Tillman Foundation’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is woven into every facet of the organization’s work. The Regional Council reflects these same values in its membership, to include and welcome varied lived experiences, beliefs, as well as ethnic, socio-econimic and gender makeups.

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Your contribution helps us honor Pat’s legacy by uniting and empowering remarkable service members and military spouses as the next generation of leaders.

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