The Pat Tillman Leadership Summit celebrates Pat’s values and convenes the Tillman Scholars to network, collaborate and develop solutions to the challenges facing our country and communities.

In his life, Pat Tillman made his mark as a husband, teammate, soldier and brother. He believed we should always strive to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Started in 2010, the Pat Tillman Leadership Summit powered by the NFL convenes the Tillman Scholar network to address the toughest challenges impacting our country and our communities.

Typically a three-day event, the 2020 event evolved to the Pat Tillman Leadership Series, a three-part series to celebrate the values of the foundation and fosters collaboration between scholars across their areas of impact. Keeping the best parts of the annual summit, the virtual series will be held July 18, Aug. 22 and Sept. 26 and will consist of an orientation for new scholars, timely panel discussions featuring industry leaders, and UnConference presentations from fellow Tillman Scholars.

Aug. 22 Agenda

11 a.m.: “Amplifying a Point without Talking Over a Message,” a skill-based discussion with author Thomas Chatterton Williams

Noon: “To Protect and Serve: Employing Service, Scholarship, and Opportunity to Address Racism and Police Brutality,” a panel moderated by Tillman Scholar Keidrick Roy. Panelists include Tillman Scholars Adrian Perkins and Tom Baker

1:15 p.m.: “The Game Will End,” a Make Your Mark Talk by Tillman Scholar Karen Gallagher on the challenges that elite athletes and veterans experience when transitioning to follow-on careers

1:30 p.m.: “Making Personal Finance Work for You,” a Make Your Mark Talk by Tillman Scholar Mike Kothakota on how we can optimize how we think about financial matters

2:00 p.m.: Breakouts: Tillman Scholar Impact Areas and Conversations with our Make Your Mark Talkers


A Decade of Impact

Former PTF Director of Programs, Hunter Riley, moderates a panel with Robert AndersLyndsey Anderson and Aaron Contreras, members of the original cohort of Tillman Scholars, as they share their reflections on 10 years with PTF.

Humble Leadership in a Community of High Achievers

R.J. Jenkins of the Columbia University Center for Veteran Transition & Integration leads a discussion with Tillman Scholars Chris Diaz, Lachiana Hamilton and Christine Mott on strategies for developing as a leader in high-performance environments. 

Critical Connections: Expanding Community-Based Health Initiatives

Jonathan Due, PTF’s director of Programs & Scholarships moderates a panel of Tillman Scholars Sangki OakJoy Ohnstad and Blake Schroedter as they examine the challenges of meeting the health needs of particular populations through a community health-based approach.

Unlocked: Achieving Criminal Justice Reform

Chico Tillmon, Executive Director of Chicago’s YMCA Youth Safety and Violence Prevention programs moderates a session with Tillman Scholars Jennifer EsparzaPatrick RobinsonThomas BakerEric Chastain and Scott Swisher as they discuss how they are applying their expertise to find solutions to the complex issues of police violence and recidivism.

On the Horizon: Space Policy, Exploration & Business

What’s new in the world of space? Tillman Scholars Drew GarzaJosh Pericles and George Sondecker share their perspectives on working in the fields of space policy, business, technology and initiatives.

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