Equity Statement

As we work to fulfill our mission, we also recognize that individuals and communities experience disparate access to opportunity based on race, ethnicity, education status, economic status, religion, gender expression, language, citizenship status, and a host of other intersecting abilities and identities.

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Equity is a solution for addressing social systems that create imbalanced outcomes and opportunities.

While our intention is to operate a foundation that delivers equitable outcomes, we understand that intention doesn’t create equity and that we must focus on our practices and their resulting outcomes if we are to truly support diversity, equity, and inclusion. In leveraging access to funding and networks of opportunity through various programs, we recognize that we can play a significant role in perpetuating inequities by implicitly and explicitly placing barriers to access for some.

Working toward equity requires active efforts to identify those disparate outcomes and a disciplined and consistent effort to weed out the behaviors and practices that support exclusion. For PTF, equity is a process and a journey with an unending goal of ensuring continued equitable access and treatment of our staff, Tillman Scholars, future and potential Tillman Scholars.

The Pat Tillman Foundation is determined to exercise leadership through action in setting actionable goals and reporting out regularly on our progress.

Our Goals:

  • Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is woven into every facet of our work
  • Become a more equitable organization through growing our individual skillsets and our collective understanding and competency that informs our work.
  • Become intentional in confronting practices and values that do not align with our values. To do so, the Pat Tillman Foundation staff, scholars, and board members are embarking on a journey towards equity in all that we do through self-assessment, learning, planning, action, and reflection.

PTF staff seeks to:

  • Self-assess internal policies and processes such as Tillman Scholar selection and hiring techniques to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and best practices are constantly integrated.
  • Commit to a culture of continuous learning by engaging in training, workshops, analysis, and conversations throughout the organization to ensure that equity is part of the Pat Tillman Foundation culture.
  • Create more opportunities for Tillman Scholars and staff to share their ideas for growing diversity, equity, and inclusion across the Foundation.

Equity Statement Methodology

Using a DACI accountability model that identifies the Driver, Approver, Contributor, and those who are Informed, the Operations team owns the processes above (D); the CEO is the approver (A), the Executive Team are all contributors (C), and everyone in the organization is informed (I). Note that this DACI model applies to the accountability for the process; the Operations team does not solely own our commitment to equity. All members of our PTF team own our commitment to equity and can lead initiatives, conversations, and outcomes.

Our journey toward becoming a more equitable foundation is an ongoing process that requires intention and action. We consider this equity statement a living document and will continue to update it as we make progress toward our goals.