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Led by our remarkable Tillman Scholars, the Tillman Leadership Institute offers programs grounded in our 6 core attributes of leadership. With several cohorts and customizable options, find an upcoming course that best suits your schedule. Sign up below for one of our upcoming cohorts!

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Built with research on the leadership gap from McKinsey & Company’s Chicago Community Consulting Team, as well as financial support from the National Football League, TLI’s programming will help leaders at all levels make an impact at their organizations, in their communities, and in the world at large. With content and curriculum led by Head of TLI Colleen Reaney and facilitated by Tillman Scholars, our Impact Leadership Program offers cohort-based programs suitable for leaders at any level, from high potential early career professionals to executive leadership:

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Grounded in leadership attributes inspired by Pat Tillman

The Tillman Leadership Institute’s core curriculum draws from inspiration from:


Creative leaders work cooperatively — and exuberantly — with others to foster innovation.


A caring leader exudes a personal warmth and mutual respect for all.


A decisive leader makes consistent and effective decisions.


A tenacious leader inspires others to persevere through hardships and challenges.


An inclusive leader builds cohesive, diverse, and collaborative teams.


Passionate leaders lead with their heart and their soul.

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The Tillman Leadership Institute is proud to have partnered with industry-leading organizations to helping to develop their emerging and c-suite level leaders.

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