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Pints for Pat


Prior to joining the Army, Pat would often ride his bike to Rúla Búla in Tempe during the day, sit in the dining room to relax and study his Cardinals playbook over a pint of Guinness.

One day, Pat showed up to Rúla Búla with his own drinking vessel: an Imperial 20-oz. Guinness pint glass engraved with his ASU football #42. He asked the bartender to keep the glass on the top shelf behind the bar so it could easily be located whenever he stopped by.

Shortly after 9/11, Pat made the decision to leave behind his football career and join the Army Rangers. After his last visit to Rúla Búla, he left his #42 glass with the bartender, along with a promise to return. Pat’s pint glass remains on the shelf of Rúla Búla’s back bar today.


  • Tempe

    Check back soon for more info on the 12th Annual Pints for Pat: Tempe held at Rúla Búla in March 2019

  • Eastchester, NY

    The Inaugural Pints for Pat: Eastchester will be held on Saturday, March 30 from 7-9 p.m. at Mickey Spillane’s. The night includes open bar, food, and entertainment. Attendees will also receive access to raffles and silent auction items. This event is CASH ONLY.

    Click here for tickets and more info.

  • Seattle

    Check back soon for more info on the Third Annual Pints for Pat: Seattle.


  • Chicago

    Check back soon for more info on the Sixth Annual Pints for Pat: Chicago.

  • Boston

    Check back soon for more info on the Third Annual Pints for Pat: Boston held in March 2019.

  • Washington, D.C.

    Check back soon for info on the 2nd Annual Pints for Pat: Washington D.C. held in June 2019.

For information on hosting a Pints for Pat event in your city, contact Development Manager Ethan Armstrong.

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