The Tillman Tussle: Will It Be the CEO or the Founder?

Blog | 04/05/2021

Pat Tillman was a fighter. He embraced tenacity, and he never gave up. He established himself at ASU as a competitive force, and loved to challenge himself physically. In the spirit of friendly competition — a perfect way to honor Pat’s legacy, if we say so ourselves — Pat’s Run founder and original race director Perry Edinger and Pat Tillman Foundation CEO Dan Futrell have agreed to race each other in the 2021 Pat’s Run for charity.

In one corner, we have Perry. A founder of Pat’s Run, an ultra-marathoner and Pat’s friend and trainer at ASU, Perry has run a sub-5 mile every year for the past 44 years. With this year’s sub-5 mile completion, he will hold the record for the longest streak running a sub-5.

In the other, we have Dan, CEO and a 2011 Tillman Scholar. A former collegiate runner for Gonzaga University, Dan trains daily as he works to achieve a 2:34 personal best (that’s a 5:53 pace!) at the 2021 Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth this June.

Place your bets today on who wins: the founder or the CEO! Name your champion with your donation. All dollars raised support the Pat Tillman Foundation and the Tillman Scholars program.

Thank you for your support and let us know if you’re Team Dan or Team Perry — whatever you choose, you’re Team PTF!

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