Inspire Action: Scholars in Healthcare

Blog | 12/27/2022

As we close out our Inspire Action campaign, we’ll be highlighting the many areas in which our Tillman Scholars make an impact and inspire action every day. We want you to know the many ways our scholars take and inspire action:

Action that spans so many callings — business, education, STEM, entrepreneurship, arts and humanities, the law, and more

Actions that are meaningful, whether it’s leading research to end cancer, founding a company, advocating for special education services, or fighting human trafficking

Actions that drive toward solutions and a better future, in support of whatever cause you care most about — because if it’s an issue that matters, there’s a Tillman Scholar making an impact

Your investment in PTF is an investment in the more than 800 Tillman Scholars who tackling the top issues in education, research, and healthcare, and more.

Many of our scholars pursue healthcare after they finish service — 31% of them, in fact. They’re leading the way in research, improving accessibility to mental health care, and bridging the gap for underserved populations trying to reach medical care. 

Scholars like those in this video — all of whom are taking their unique abilities and leadership skills to push for a better, healthier future for everyone. 

Whatever cause you are passionate about, you can count on a Tillman Scholar to make an impact. 

Inspire action today by supporting PTF and the work of our remarkable scholars.