Inspire Action in 2022

Help Tillman Scholars Create a Better World

If you could fix one of the challenges we face as a country, what would it be?

Curing cancer? Improving access to health care? Food security for all? Ensuring safety for our Afghan allies?

Whatever cause inspires you, there’s likely a Tillman Scholar working to make it better — scholars like Safi Rauf. Safi, an Afghan American Navy reservist, deferred enrollment in medical school to go to Afghanistan in 2021 to provide medical assistance, food, and resettlement support to Afghans in need. In December 2021, the Taliban unlawfully detained him for 105 days.

In April 20022, the Biden Administration negotiated his safe release and Safi came back to the U.S., where he cofounded Human First Coalition. Investments like yours helped us support Safi as he entered this new chapter and helped us bring him to the Pat Tillman Leadership Summit, our annual gathering of Tillman Scholars in Chicago, where he spoke about his experiences and encouraged his fellow scholars to use their unique experiences as veterans and military spouses to make a difference.

You made a difference in Safi’s life and the lives of the countless people he serves, supports, and inspires. Safi is one of more than 800 Tillman Scholars — and you can support him and his fellow scholars changing the world and their communities with just one donation.


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The Pat Tillman Foundation supports more than 800 Tillman Scholars at more than 150 institutions across the country. They are the next generation of leaders, committed to service, scholarship, leadership, and impact.

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