Throwback Thursday: Tillman Scholars at the TOSTITOS Homecoming Party Bowl

Blog | 04/07/2022

Through the years, the Pat Tillman Foundation has provided more than 750 remarkable Tillman Scholars opportunities to develop into the next generation of leaders. This journey has resulted in some incredible moments and as we forge on with our mission, we want to take the time to look back and appreciate some of our favorite memories.

In December of 2012, our Tillman Scholars were in for a surprise of a lifetime. TOSTITOS partnered with the Pat Tillman Foundation and Got Your 6 to throw a surprise Homecoming Party Bowl for our troops at Cerritos Community College. Thinking they were simply in for a casual game of flag football, some of our scholars hitting the gridiron with some very special guests.

Take a trip with us down memory lane and watch all of the surprises unfold in the video below!