Inspire Action: Scholars in Education

Blog | 12/30/2022

One of our core values is scholarship, which we define as being a lifelong learner, passionate about intellectual growth. And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate those scholars committed to this value — our educators. 

The educators in our Tillman Scholar community bring curiosity, inspiration, and commitment to  their classrooms, from preschool to universities, virtually and beyond. In shaping the minds of future public servants, leaders, and status-quo shakers, these scholars take seriously their responsibility to support and shape the future leaders and status quo shakers of tomorrow.

Supporting our Inspire Action campaign helps us develop leaders in education such as:  

  • Ambyr Rios, a professor at Kansas State, who is fighting to empower future teachers to be the transformative leaders all students deserve
  • Sadia Heil, whose experiences advocating for her son’s educational needs led her to study special education
  • Daris McInnis, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania who plans to advocate for early literacy development in marginalized communities

Tomorrow is the last day of our annual Inspire Action campaign. When you give today, you support the work of scholars like these educators — and the healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians we profiled this week, and countless others — to lead through action and serve beyond themselves, today and every day.