Core Values Round Up: Scholarship

Blog, Core Values | 05/03/2022

The Pat Tillman Foundation is rooted in the four core values held nearest to Pat. Service, Impact, Humble Leadership and Scholarship run through not only our organization’s veins, but they are exemplified by the actions of our more than 750 remarkable Tillman Scholars.

The fourth core value of the Pat Tillman Foundation is scholarship. Pat was a lifelong learner, and he understood the importance of always training the mind as passionately as he trained on the field. Our scholars carry on this value not only through their education, but through their passion for intellectual growth. It is inevitable that our scholars’ financial scholarship from our foundation will come to an end; however, this does not stop them from continuing their intellectual pursuits nor from helping others further their own.

Each year, the Pat Tillman Foundation hosts the Pat Tillman Leadership Summit. Here, our new class of scholars are joined together with scholars from previous years to network, learn, and grow as individuals and as a community. This is where we see the full strength of the scholarship value that Pat held nearest to him.

Check out some panels from PTLS of years passed below, and see our remarkable Tillman Scholars’ dedication to scholarship in action!

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