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Tillman Scholars are experts in their fields and work to make an impact in communities at the local and global levels. The Pat Tillman Foundation elevates their voices by promoting Tillman Scholar stories in the media.



Tillman Scholar Kendra Smith

Tillman Scholar Voices: Building Healthy Communities through Empathy and Equity with Kendra Smith

“This moment has been important for a lot of people. There’s this continuum….for some people, it’s been an awakening. For a lot of people, it’s
2017 Tillman Scholars Marquerite Herzog

Tillman Scholar Voices: Viewing Mental Health Through a Scientific Lens with Marquerite Herzog

“I’d like to become a part of the conversation about mental health. [. . .] I can bring the research aspect of it from the

Tillman Scholar Voices: Transforming Trauma into Action with Jennifer Esparza

“Everyone has a role to play. And I hope that we take away from this moment that we really need to learn to value the

Tillman Scholar Voices: Understanding the Intersection of Medicine and Race with Adrienne Kambouris

“There are so many reasons why there are racial health disparities, and it’s not simply because the Black people are more unhappy than the rest
Jameson Lopez Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark: How Jameson Lopez Fights Invisibility with Data

“And [my mom] said, ‘JD, you’re Native American. You’re Kwatsan.’ And my eyes lit up again, and almost as soon as she told me, I
Nathan Jester

Tillman Scholar Voices: Creating Pathways for Progress with Nate Jester

“The vast majority of Americans care about America. Every person in their own way should do what they can to help make that change happen
Katie Piston delivers her Make Your Mark talk on how to change your fate

Make Your Mark: Changing Your Fate with Katie Piston

“Above your genetics, what complex interplay of forces not only impacts your health but shapes who you are? If we’ve solved the human genome, why

Tillman Scholar Voices: Overcoming Racial Inequity Together with Keidrick Roy

Tillman Scholars’ Voices is a blog and video series amplifying the work of Tillman Scholars who actively work toward equity and justice and showing us every
Tillman Scholar Voices

Introducing Tillman Scholar Voices

The Pat Tillman Foundation’s mission is to unite and empower a community of diverse veterans and spouses as they continue their education and prepare for
Make You Mark: Emily Junkins

Make Your Mark: Emily Junkins and the Road to Scientific Discovery

“You see we keep looking in the same places and finding the same things, and the need to access these new drugs is more dire
Halli Lannan delivers her Make Your Mark Talk in 2017

Make Your Mark: Halli Lannan on Living Your Truth

“…I live this way so that those that I encounter understand that people facing tragedy, trauma, and adversity are not broken — they are leaders,
Rae Anne Frey-Ho Fung presents on childhood trauma, compassion and resilience at the Pat Tillman Foundation's Make Your Mark talk

“All the small things can make a life changing difference.”

Our Make Your Mark series, powered by the NFL, showcases the global impact of the Tillman Scholars who are writing the story of a better