2014 Tillman Scholar

Tyson Williams

M.S., Water Management and Hydrologic Science

“It is my desire to help provide efficient access to clean drinking water – what I believe to be a human right.”

Nuclear power seemed an intriguing and challenging career field, and the U.S. Navy was a means to that end. It wasn’t until the USS Ronald Reagan assisted in a humanitarian aid effort to the Philippines that Tyson would come to understand the profound impact of serving others. Working directly with the distilling units on the ship, he helped provide potable water to thousands of people affected by the recent typhoon.

Nuclear energy would always be an interest, but learning more about the planning, management, and engineering of water resources became the focus of his studies after he was honorably discharged. Tyson attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and obtained degrees in Environmental Science and Geography, specializing in Hydrology. Tyson’s first internship with the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research provided a tangible effect on this community through snowpack field research and water supply accounting.

Tyson was selected as a Tillman Scholar while attending Texas A&M University for his Master of Engineering in Water Resources. After witnessing the caliber of fellow Tillman Scholars Tyson’s commitment to continued service was reinvigorated. Tyson has since graduated from Texas A&M University and continues to work on water resources engineering projects that benefit his community and state.