2023 Tillman Scholar

Tsikata Apenyo

Yale University

“Propelled by unyielding determination and perseverance, I emerged from a world that defies conventional imagination — the very qualities that empower me to forge an enduring impact on patients’ lives.”

During his formative years in rural Mississippi, Tsikata Apenyo was one of the forgotten Americans intimately acquainted with harsh realities. From uncontrolled diabetes, culminating in blindness and strokes, to the treacherous path from opioid prescriptions to the grip of heroin addiction, those horrors were not isolated incidents. They cast a pervasive shadow of despair, stretching across the entire nation. Yet those entrusted with making healthcare decisions fail to adequately represent the rural and minority communities bearing the brunt of this fractured system. 

Tsikata’s journey serves as a testament to the remarkable potential within every American who dares to defy adversity. He is in his final year of an M.D. degree at Brown University and is an M.B.A. candidate at Yale University. Tsikata has served as a Fulbright Fellow in the Republic of China and continues to serve as a Medical Corps officer in the U.S.  Army. Cognizant of the widening chasm of health disparities, Tsikata ardently believes that forgotten Americans, like himself, must amplify the diverse experiences they embody by ascending to leadership positions and championing healthcare reform. This conviction propelled him to gain the critical skills necessary to enact transformative change with an MBA from Yale.

Tsikata has a steadfast dedication to dismantling barriers to equitable access. By combining his medical acumen with the strategic insights gained through his M.B.A, Tsikata strives to shape policies and make informed decisions that will catalyze positive transformations in the lives of all Americans, ensuring a future defined by comprehensive and inclusive healthcare.