2014 Tillman Scholar

Travis Dziubla

University of California - Berkeley

“My experience aboard a submarine has inspired me to create alternative energy solutions for rural villages in Asia.

Growing up in Southeast Asia and having spent time in the rural northern provinces of Thailand, Travis was always aware of how important electricity was to remote populations. He pursued a degree at Northwestern in Environmental Economics, aiming to study and understand energy economics. After 9/11, however, Travis felt compelled to serve the nation that had always been the beacon during his travels abroad.

Joining the U.S. Navy’s nuclear program, Travis completed two deployments on the fast-attack submarine USS LA JOLLA first as an engineering officer and later as a combat strategy officer. He continued his pursuit of merging engineering and strategy by volunteering to go back out to sea, serving as a strategy officer for CARRIER STRIKE GROUP ONE as they prepared for a counter-ISIS deployment in the Middle East.

After his tour with CSG-1, Travis decided to pursue his MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, continuing his dream of developing energy infrastructure for remote populations. At school he led a team of MBAs and engineers to develop “go-to-market” strategies for clean energy technologies coming out of Stanford Laboratories, helping to launch a startup that creates energy-independent cooling panels. In his free time, he worked extensively with Team Rubicon, deploying with fellow veterans and first responders to provide relief for people in disaster zones.

Since earning his degree Travis has taken a job with McKinsey and Company, serving clients in the solar energy and natural resources space. He hopes to one day return home to Southeast Asia, launching a company that focuses on building rural microgrids for remote populations.