2023 Tillman Scholar

Taylor Calibo

University of Florida

“I’ve harnessed the world’s most technologically advanced systems in pursuit of our adversaries. Today, I aspire to provide those same unparalleled advantages toward the care and well-being of others.”

Taylor commissioned as an ensign from the United States Naval Academy in 2013. As a first-generation college graduate, he takes pride in the inspirational leadership provided by his family and acknowledges them for instilling a service-oriented mindset and a commitment to others. As a Bowman Scholar, Taylor was selected to pursue a master’s degree in electrical engineering before reporting to Naval Nuclear Propulsion School. After completing his training pipeline, he reported to USS Greeneville, a fast-attack submarine. 

During his junior officer tour, Taylor served through two Western Pacific deployments and led teams of highly-trained sailors in missions vital to national security. Taylor also took immense pride in his role as the assistant engineering officer, where he had the responsibility of ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the submarine’s nuclear propulsion plant. While deployed, Taylor contracted a near-fatal illness that required medical evacuation at sea. Although he would go on to complete a second deployment, Taylor  was medically retired with a service-disqualifying condition, stemming from lung trauma he endured. 

During his final shore duty, Taylor found inspiration from the medical team that saved his life igniting a newfound passion for medicine. He actively volunteered as an EMT during the COVID-19 pandemic and undertook a post-baccalaureate in pre-medical sciences. Today, Taylor is a medical student at the University of Florida, where he is diligently working towards his goal to specialize in interventional radiology. Alongside his studies, he is actively involved in funded research aimed at advancing the reliability of artificial intelligence in the field of medical imaging.