2017 Tillman Scholar

RyAnne Noss

Military Spouse
Edward Via College of Ostheopathic Medicine

“As a doctor, I will pay forward the blessings we received during my husband’s wartime injury and recovery.”

RyAnne, a native of Alabama, married SFC Scot Noss, a native of Oregon, in August 2003 and the couple settled near Fort Benning, GA where Scot was stationed with the 3rd Ranger Battalion. Shortly after their marriage, RyAnne began her Ph.D. studies in Chemical Engineering at Auburn University. However, on February 17, 2007, life for this young couple changed forever when Scot was severely injured in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Scot suffered from a traumatic brain injury that left him minimally conscious and 100% dependent on daily living activities. RyAnne immediately went to her husband’s bedside putting her studies on hold. Their journey took them to three different hospitals in three different states, where RyAnne enrolled Scot in several experimental treatments for severe disorders of consciousness. RyAnne became an advocate for her husband’s health care and rehabilitation making sure that her husband and other severely injured warriors receive every chance to reach their maximum rehabilitation potential. RyAnne returned to Auburn University winter semester 2009 to complete her dissertation titled “The Rational Design of Recognitive Polymeric Networks for Sensing Applications.” Finally in 2010, Scot and RyAnne moved to Trussville, AL to a beautiful, fully handicap accessible home built by Homes For Our Troops.

Inspired by her husband’s continued fortitude to keep fighting during his recovery, RyAnne is pursuing a medical degree to continue to fight and care for our nation’s most precious treasures: our veterans and members of the Armed Forces.