2015 Tillman Scholar

Rick Lang

Rutgers University

“Whatever the patient to whom I can provide beneficial medical service, I want to give them the gift of being able to live a normal life.”

It was at an early age that Rick first experienced the life altering impact that can be provided through medicine. Growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, Rick ventured to the Naval Academy searching for a profession founded upon service, selflessness, and integrity. Lacking a true understanding of the nature of the military, Rick initially viewed his expected time in the service as a career stepping-stone versus a lifetime journey.

Ten years later, awaiting launch approval in an armed FA-18 onboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln while supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, the purpose of his military service became a stark reality. Rick realized that the true purpose of military service was about utilizing the cumulative experiences of every training event completed and willingly risking everything to ensure the benefit and safety of fellow service members.

Viewed no longer as a “transition plan”, Rick now understands the military as an organization built upon the correct foundation: one of selflessness, leadership, and humility. Desiring to continue his career of service beyond the FA-18 community, Rick has decided upon a follow-on career in medicine. He aspires to combine his passion, unique military background, and civilian medical training in a quest to enhance the lives of those around him.