2016 Tillman Scholar

Philip Caruso

Air Force
Harvard University
J.D. | MBA

“My efforts in school, government, and as a citizen will help protect our investment in a better world.”

During over eight years of humbling service in the United States Air Force, Phil learned more about the world, life, and leadership than he ever dreamed possible. Through training he underwent, jobs he had, people he led, and difficult situations he faced, one critical lesson endured: every day, everywhere, and in every way, the world needs leaders to guide it toward a better future. Phil also learned that although it seems like only a precious few take the world upon their shoulders and sacrifice for the greater good, anyone can step up and make a difference. Phil’s mission is to make an impact and inspire others to do the same.

Phil’s long-term objective is to become a senior leader in government, where he can leverage his experiences to help our country face complex and rapidly evolving threats. Philip is currently working towards his JD/MBA at Harvard University, gaining problem-solving skills that will help him become a better civilian analysis and leader. Phil plans to continue helping other veterans in every way possible for the rest of his life.