2017 Tillman Scholar

Paul Hastings

University of Washington
M.M.S., Physician Assistant

“The road to global stability is built upon the proliferation of education and prosperity.”

Possessing keen interest in global politics, Paul intently absorbed media during the days following the fall of the Twin Towers in New York City. Over the following years, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq would continue to pull at his psyche. Paul graduated from Michigan State University with his Bachelors in Biochemistry, immediately enlisting in the U.S. Army.

With his job as a support soldier becoming progressively less rewarding, Paul volunteered to join the Green Berets. Paul completed the selection and training process, adjusting to his role as a combat medic on 1st Special Forces Group combat dive teams. During this time, Paul fulfilled his dream of graduating from Ranger school, served twice in Afghanistan, once in the Philippines and on numerous training missions throughout Asia.

In Afghanistan, Paul learned that medically treating underserved populations breaks down cultural boundaries and has humanizing effects during conflict. Additionally, the juxtaposition of populations with and without access to education was very noticeable, even within the same country. Those with greater access to education are relatively accepting of others and open to alternative ideas concerning religion and governance.

Paul recently joined the National Guard while simultaneously progressing his medical education through his acceptance into the University of Washington MEDEX Physician Assistant program. He continues his decade of work with Special Forces while planning on utilizing his education overseas with various government and civilian organizations, to provide medical treatments and education to populations where little or no opportunity exists.