2010 Tillman Scholar

Mike Bryant

Marine Corps
Mississippi State University

With nominal talent but diligent work ethic as a high school baseball player, Mike thought college was going to be another 4 years to play the game he loved. However, similar to an entire generation of loyal veterans, in lieu of baseball Mike enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves after 9/11. He feels as any and all great things he has done, or will ever do, can be attributed to becoming an Infantry Marine. 

Mike served 7 years in the Marine Corps Reserves with a deployment in 2007 to Haditha, Iraq. His unit comprised of Marines from rural and urban areas spanning the states of TN, MS, AR, MO, & LA. Their diverse backgrounds were advantageous during interactions with the local population and Iraq Security Forces, which resulted in great success in their Battalion’s mission. After an 18 month civilian break, Mike joined the National Guard in Military Intelligence. The two roles nest well as the end state of all intel products are designed to save the lives of America’s heroes. 

Holding a MBA from Mississippi State, thanks to the Pat Tillman Foundation, Mike would like to open a business consulting company where he hopes to work with service members and veterans who would like to start their own small businesses. He feels military service instills work-ethic and team cohesiveness unmatched by any other training in the world. 

He is currently deployed to Amman, Jordan, under Operation Inherent Resolve, with the 1-110th IN and is extremely proud of the woman of his dreams. His wife, Megan, is going back to school, working part time, and taking care of their babies Chloe (3) & Easton (1).