2015 Tillman Scholar

Michelle Neveu

Air Force
Saint Louis University
MSN, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

“Little did I know that the experience of being in the military would enrich my life beyond measure.”

Joining the military as a Nurse and provided with unparalleled leadership training and mentorship, Michelle’s deployment to Afghanistan solidified the call she felt to care for the critically injured and ill. Michelle was offered the opportunity to study at the Air Force’s Critical Care and Emergency Trauma Nursing Fellowship where she received medical and leadership training, realizing how invaluable passionate and experienced educators are to our military and health care system, giving her the motivation to one day teach future nurses.

With her and her husband both serving in the Air Force in separate locations, Michelle made the tough decision to separate from active duty to live with her husband and raise their son together. One year later, Michelle reentered the military as an Air Force Reservist continuing the important lessons of trust and teamwork while continuing to pursue her career as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Education with the hopes to someday work for the V.A. caring for acute and critically ill veterans and their families.

With the unique ability as a health care provider, current service member and active-duty spouse, Michelle aspires to help solve the problems facing healthcare for military members, veterans, their families and our nation as a whole. As a Nurse Practitioner, Michelle plans to play a major part in solving the health care provider shortage, and intends to pursue her Doctorate in Nursing Education so she can teach and inspire the next generation of nurses.

Additionally, Michelle intends to stay involved as an active-duty spouse in support of her husband’s unit, serving as a Key Spouse while learning from the true unsung heroes of our military. Military spouses and children have taught Michelle how to be balanced and resilient despite constant stressors that come with living a military life. Her desire is to promote and help maintain a healthy family-oriented culture in every branch of the military.