2019 Tillman Scholar

Lisa Elijah

Air Force
University of Oklahoma
B.A., Social Sciences & Organizational Studies

“I believe individuals should not have to fight for recognition of unseen illnesses, and our potential should not be underestimated.”

In 2013, Lisa joined the Air Force and began her career as a paralegal in the Judge Advocate General Corps. Lisa spent her days helping victims through trials and assisting in the prosecution of crimes. She found meaning in giving hope to others when they had none and willingly walked in the darkest parts of humanity so that others could see the light. Through her work, she realized she wanted to study law and come back in as an officer in the JAG Corp.

It was during one of the most life-altering trials of her career when she realized something was off with her health. Months of testing came back with the conclusion that she had a chronic illness and her future was left in uncertainty. She witnessed a change in how others treated her and started to feel like a burden to those around her. It was through this experience that she realized that she wanted to help others navigate their own illnesses and ensure they knew they were not broken, and they were not alone.

Lisa is pursuing a planned Bachelors program in Social Sciences and Organizational Studies with an emphasis in Political Science and Psychology. She intends to continue her studies on to law school. She hopes to use the skills she is acquiring to advocate for others while implementing change in how the world perceives invisible illnesses. She strongly believes that individuals should not have to fight for recognition of unseen illnesses and that their full potential should not be underestimated.