2014 Tillman Scholar

Joseph Falvey

Yale University

“I learned to serve others by caring for 12 foster and adopted siblings who became family members.”

With family members who have served in the U.S. military since World War I, Joe Falvey comes from a family tradition of service. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 2009, he served as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps for five years, deploying twice to Afghanistan.

Upon leaving active duty, Joe decided to obtain a law degree in order to pursue his interests in U.S. law, history, and policy. He is currently completing his third and final year at Yale Law School. There, he has served as a board member for the National Security Group, Federalist Society, and Catholic Law Students Association.

Upon graduating from law school in 2017, Joe will clerk for Judge Thomas B. Griffith of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. After that, he hopes to pursue a career in law and government in order to promote U.S. policies worthy of the young Marines with whom he had the honor to serve and those who remain on active duty.