2011 Tillman Scholar

Jon Andrews

Duke University

Jon Andrews is a former Special Forces Medical Sergeant who left graduate school shortly after 9/11 to enlist in the Army. While deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, he conducted a variety of humanitarian and combat operations where his duties included combat trauma management, medical evacuation of battlefield casualties, detachment medical readiness, and medical support of Afghani and Iraqi soldiers and civilians, experiences which would ultimately drive him to seek advanced medical training and attend medical school.

As a Special Forces Medic, Jon enjoyed working in high-stress environments and treating critically-ill patients, attributes which compelled him to continue his medical training in anesthesiology. Although challenging, the field of anesthesiology provides abundant opportunities for problem-solving and medical management of the critically-ill. His other interests include trauma resuscitation, high altitude physiology, wilderness medicine, and military and tactical medicine. 

He continues his military service as a physician in the Army National Guard, and he also mentors other veterans who are transitioning from the military to a career in medicine.