2009 Tillman Scholar

Jeremy Glasstetter

University of Michigan
B.S., Human Resources

As of a result of the tragic events on September 11, 2001 which sparked both outrage and a renewed sense of patriotism throughout our country, Jeremy made the decision to join the finest fighting force on the face of our planet – the U.S. Army. In that volunteer service, he deployed twice – once to Afghanistan in 2004 and again, as part of the 2007-08 Presidential surge, in Iraq. 

Honorable leaving military service, and utilizing his Post-9/11 GI Bill, he began his academic career. He successfully completed his Bachelors degree and was conferred his Masters in Business Administration degree with the help, and as a member of the inaugural class, of Pat Tillman Scholars. 

Continuing to show his commitment to the public trust, Jeremy went on to become a State of Michigan employee.  In this role, he has been instrumental serving as technical and business lead on several large scale state government projects. 

The two most notable are as follows: 

        Business lead over the replacement of the multi-agency single-sign-on system – MILogin

        Central Security Administrator on the Enterprise Resource Modernization Core team, governing the replacement of the legacy budgetary management, facilities procurement, revenue reconciliation, and time and labor system – Project SIGMA

Jeremy lives in the city of Flint, Michigan with his wife and son. Although directly impacted by the Flint Water Crisis he remains vigilant and optimistic, working hard for every citizen in the city and state equally and diligently.