2011 Tillman Scholar

Jaclyn VanHoy

Military Spouse
University of Washington

Inspired by her husband’s dedication and commitment to serve his country as an Army Officer, Jaclyn became passionate about serving her country alongside him, but in her own unique way. As an Army spouse who is in recovery from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Jaclyn realized the importance of social workers and mental health professionals in being the catalysts for positive and lasting change in the lives of many who suffer from mental health disorders. Personal experiences pushed Jaclyn to pursue her Master of Social Work so that she could give back to the mental health community. Seeing the need for quality mental health services in the military community, Jaclyn is working towards becoming a licensed independent social worker so that she can work with service members and family members in their own journeys toward recovery. Jaclyn hopes to work towards reducing the stigma attached to mental health services while empowering service members and families to seek treatment. She hopes to continue to educate veterans and families on normal reactions to stress and traumatic experiences, and work with them through those experiences so they reach a state of peace, and then ultimately, recovery.