2023 Tillman Scholar

Gregory Brook

Air Force
Columbia University
B.S., Neuroscience and Behavior

“We are all given one life. I can think of no better way to live my life than to spend it serving the needs of my military brothers and sisters.”

Gregory Brook joined the military straight out of high school. Like so many young people, he was looking for direction and discipline, and he found it with his brothers and sisters in arms. He became an aerial combat photojournalist for the U.S. Air Force and deployed multiple times both with Air Force and U.S. Army Special Operations units on the ground. Greg has won multiple awards for his photography and rose through the ranks to become the NCOIC of combat documentation for his squadron, being entrusted with responsibility for 30 combat photojournalists. 

Greg has seen combat and learned how to excel under pressure, but most crucially, his training and experiences taught him how to connect with people all over the world, in both wonderful and terrible circumstances. Greg volunteers as an operational deployment director for Global Surgical Medical Group, an international medical NGO providing the best trauma care possible to refugees and populations in war zones. With GSMSG, Greg has deployed to Guyana, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

After the completion of his active-duty service, Greg applied to and was accepted by Columbia University, starting his path to becoming a psychiatrist by majoring in neuroscience. During his service, Greg saw first-hand how dedication, discipline, perseverance, and teamwork can help surmount any obstacle. With his experience and belief in service to his community, Greg’s goal is to end the veteran suicide epidemic. He knows it is an ambitious goal, but he believes that even one veteran lost to suicide is too many.