2021 Tillman Scholar

Frank Parisi

Marine Corps
Columbia University

“The military was a calling, not a job. As a doctor, I want to continue that calling to serve as I care for patients when they need it most.”

Dreaming of being a fighter pilot, Frank attended the Naval Academy and was commissioned into the Marine Corps in 2004. As an AV-8B Harrier pilot with Marine Attack Squadron 542, Frank deployed twice with the 22nd and 31st Marine Expeditionary Units, learning the importance of teamwork, the value of attention to detail, and the thrill of operating aboard the aircraft carrier.

As a forward air controller with Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), Frank integrated into an elite team of Marine Raiders and provided close air support during combat operations in Badghis Province, Afghanistan. Since leaving active duty in 2014, Frank has continued to serve as a reservist, flying KC-130s with Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 452 out of Newburgh, NY. The lessons and values Frank learned in the Marine Corps inspired him to find ways to continue his calling to serve and give of himself to others.

As a leader of Marines, he focused on the welfare and care of those in his charge and as a doctor he looks forward to caring for those who will one day be his patients. Frank decided to attend medical school at Columbia University to continue a lifetime of learning in medicine; acquiring knowledge and skills that will allow him to best care for his patients when they need it most. Whether it is in the hospital emergency room or on an austere environment expedition, Frank looks forward to providing the best medical care to everyone in his community.