2023 Tillman Scholar

Erin Edwards

Stanford University
M.A., Journalism

“I have seen the world from the sky, and now I am eager to write about it from the ground.”

A commitment to athletics from a young age introduced Erin to a world of strong, smart, passionate, hard-working women. Her sister served as her inspiration for joining the ultimate team, the U.S. Navy, where Erin’s world became male-dominated. By becoming a naval aviator, she plunged deeper into a fraternity comprised of only 6 percent women. She learned to cope. She learned to overcome. She even learned to succeed. However, the feeling of being the only female in the room remained ever present. 

In the past ten years, Erin has flown a Navy MH-60R Seahawk attack helicopter around Mount Fuji, through sandstorms in the Gulf of Oman, watched dolphins jump between the Mariana Islands, hunted submarines in the South China Sea, and repeatedly landed on the flight deck of a destroyer class ship. She feels a new calling to write true stories about powerful women and the cultures that surround them. 

As the COO of Comic Book Curious she manages a digital magazine and team of 10 writers. Erin also interviews artists, attends comic conventions, and writes articles that give voice to minority groups in a white male-dominated industry. Her goal of earning a Master of Journalism degree is to investigate professions controlled mainly by men. She will report on minorities, especially women, seeking to discover what changes society can make to positively include its entire population. Erin longs to tell stories worthy of causing impact and sparking movement.