2023 Tillman Scholar

Demon Foster

Air Force
Arizona State University
M.Ed., Global Education

“I am committed to empowering vulnerable populations, creating enriching educational environments where children can learn, collaborate, and integrate. Together, we can nurture their potential, enabling them to become cooperative, productive, and contributing members of society.”

Desiring to serve a greater purpose, Demon joined the military in 2011. At his first duty station he became a founding member and the first president of Lackland’s Airman’s Voice, a leadership organization arranging volunteer efforts for hundreds of airmen across San Antonio, Texas. A tour in Iraq exposed the devastating effects wrought by war giving Demon insight and a lens into the lives of those afflicted by violence, living in abject poverty.  Dejection overtook Demon. Overwhelmed by the despondency felt from his experiences, he became determined to advance equity in the world.

Deciding to embark on a soul-searching journey, Demon gave away all his possessions, packed a backpack, and headed for Asia. While traveling and living amongst vulnerable populations in Southeast Asia, Demon noticed a consistent lack of educational opportunities resigning children to lives of hardships. Compelled to find solutions he began his lifelong dedication to expanding educational access for vulnerable populations worldwide. Demon’s steadfast commitment to personal and professional growth reflects an unwavering determination to advancing solutions striving to ensure equality of opportunity for all children.

 In 2019, Demon founded Blue Owl Project, a 501(c)(3) organization, intent on establishing supportive environments empowering vulnerable children with quality education to become peaceful, productive, and contributing members within society.  In August 2021, Blue Owl began offering educational services in Thailand supporting out-of-school Burmese children impacted by recent violence in Myanmar. Demon is determined to empower children with opportunities for a better life and chance to cooperate within the global community.