2011 Tillman Scholar

David Glass

Air Force
University of Illinois College of Medicine

At the end of the day, you have two things that matter…your Name and your Family. Everything you do each day should be to preserve those two things”.

Dr. David Glass is a Pararescueman (PJ) assigned to the 306th Rescue Squadron. He completed his Doctorate (MD) at The University of Illinois College of Medicine in 2015 and is currently a resident physician of Emergency Medicine at The University of New Mexico Hospital.

The seed of emergency medicine was planted back in 2003. While training as a PJ candidate in the emergency room, he participated in the front line of emergency medicine and quickly gained an appreciation of the challenges faced by both emergency care providers and patients. His experiences formed the foundation for what would become a successful career as a PJ and medic. 

His first assignment was to the 48th Rescue Squadron where he deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Joint Task Force Katrina, and support of POTUS and NASA operations. He took those experiences and continued to grow professionally and academically, while engaged as a Pararescueman on four combat deployments. Somewhere, deep down, he knew he wanted to take his interest of medicine to the next level. 

Glass completed his bachelor’s of science in business management/computer information systems from Park University in 2008 and he was selected to become a Pat Tillman Scholar in 2011. His wife, Shelly, has been with him through all of these endeavors. They have been married since 2003 and their proudest achievements are their two boys: Jackson and Griffin. Dr. Glass plans to work full-time as an emergency medicine physician at a teaching hospital and work part-time as the flight doc for his current PJ team.