2022 Tillman Scholar

David Galindo Castellon

Marine Corps
Augusta University
Master of Education

“Our nation’s future is as strong as the education of those to come. As a Marine, I will continue to protect my nation through the weapon of education. Semper Fi.”

David Galindo Castellon was born in the Central American country of El Salvador. His childhood was marked by the grueling ramifications of the Civil War. At 6 months of age, his mother made the difficult decision of leaving her children to seek refuge in the U.S. Sixteen years later, he received the unexpected call that would change his life.

He arrived in Norcross, GA without any knowledge of English nor American culture. However, he did know he was in the most powerful and opportunity-full country on the planet. He would make it worth every sacrifice. A country that owed him nothing, gave him everything. He would show his gratitude. In an instant, he found himself in the midst of the Afghan plains and canals. David soon became aware that learning Pashto was essential to the safety and success of their mission. He made it his duty to teach his fellow Marine brothers necessary phrases and cultural information to win the minds and hearts of the Afghan people.

Upon the completion of his military service, David made the decision of becoming an educator to serve his country. More specifically, a World Language teacher. After all, it was language that helped protect the life of his brothers and himself abroad. Today, David pursues his Master’s degree in Instruction with an emphasis in Spanish education. He strives to serve his country by fortifying its future through the education of its children, in and out of the classroom.