2016 Tillman Scholar

Dan Walters

University of Alabama
J.D. | MBA

“It is my firm intention to use the opportunity of my education to give back to my hometown of Greensboro.”

Joining the military at the age of 18, Dan learned lessons in Airborne, Air Assault and Ranger school that became impossible to unlearn and that his capacity to endure is limited only by his own will. Before Dan left the Army, one of his assignments was to command an Infantry Basic Training Company teaching new soldiers that “the Army will give back to you everything that you put into it.” Dan has carried his teachings into his civilian life and they have become commandments by which he’s lived his life. Serving five years with the United States Army, Dan’s assignments involved administering the Uniform Code of Military Justice to a unit of over 200 soldiers, in addition, to advise local Afghanistan figures of justice, ensuring the rule of law. Through these experiences, Dan has seen the power of a justice system correctly applied as well as the results of injustice.

Now a graduate student at The University of Alabama pursuing a Juris Doctor degree and MBA, a husband and father of two young boys, Dan plans to stay in the small Southern town of Greensboro, Alabama, giving him the opportunity to serve those in need. In addition to his law degree, an MBA will allow Dan to help the town by advising new business owners or even start his own business, attracting new population and income to the small town. Whether returning to Greensboro from an Army duty station or deployment, Greensboro has greeted Dan with open arms, inspiring him to use his education opportunities to give back to his hometown.