2010 Tillman Scholar

Brian Wotring

University of Virginia

While still in high school, Brian enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve as a finance specialist. Following the start of the Iraq war, Brian decided to go active duty. While deployed in Iraq, he was a member of a small team tasked with the accounting, safeguarding, and distribution of all American cash funds throughout the Iraq theatre of operations.

During deployment, Brian gained an interest in the policies implemented by the government and their affects on geo-politics. As a result, Brian worked to complete his associates degree while deployed to Iraq so he could enroll at the University of Utah following deployment. At the University of Utah, Brian studied Political Science and International Studies. He also interned with the Veterans of Foreign Wars where he assisted with lobbying Congress to pass the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Brian then attended Law School at the University of Virginia.  While in Law School, Brian studied the rise of “Veteran Courts” which provide treatment and alternatives to jail for Veterans who commit crimes, potentially as a result of service-related injuries. After Law School, Brian served on a committee which was tasked with creating a Veterans’ Court in Norfolk, Virginia. Brian is always impressed by the compassion shown by everyday citizens who work in the legal system. Brian lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife and three children.