2023 Tillman Scholar

Brent Bubany

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

“I came to consider our medical capabilities as the hallmark of a successful military operation. I am honored now to be training to serve on those care teams.”

Formerly Major Brent Bubany was demoted to Second Lieutenant in 2021. Well, not demoted per se, but re-commissioned in order to continue active duty service as a medical school student. Service has taken many forms for Brent starting in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona, where he was born in 1984, became an Eagle Scout in 1998, and left to start his military service as a West Point cadet in 2004. 

Inspired by a civic service presentation during an American politics course, Brent decided to complete a service year with AmeriCorps in San José, California. Ultimately returning to and graduating from West Point in 2009, Brent continued to serve: with Cross Roads Africa, through peace and conflict studies in Israel, and in graduate school as a Rotary International Scholar in the UK. Once commissioned, Brent served as a military intelligence analyst and platoon leader, deploying twice to Afghanistan before completing Special Forces training and leading teams as a Green Beret. 

Brent then returned to his alma mater in 2019 to teach and mentor cadets as a Spanish instructor. Training for and serving as his Jedburgh team’s medic during a 2018 deployment was the catalyst for changing career paths to military medicine. The medical training he received while in the Special Forces regiment was both empowering and humbling. Serving as an Army physician is the next adventure for Brent where he will be a part of the mission to serve soldiers in harm’s way and their families on the home front.