2013 Tillman Scholar

April Krowel

Ball State University
Ph.D., Psychology

The events that transpired on September 11, 2001 greatly affected April’s life. After the attacks on New York City, the Pentagon, and Flight 93, she chose to trade in acceptance to a state university for a pair of combat boots and a flak jacket. The only way to explain the decision to join the military was that she had an overwhelming desire to help her country.

After returning from Iraq as part of OIF, April struggled to navigate life as a civilian. She felt like no one understood what she had experienced and ultimately felt like an outcast among family and friends. Numerous military friends also struggled with reintegration; a couple decided to end their lives. The loss of friends in combat was somewhat expected but losing friends to suicide had a profound effect on her, and she made the decision to become a psychologist to help returning service members and veterans.

April is passionate about her chosen career as a neuropsychologist and enjoys being a leader in this community. She specializes in the neuropsychological and psychological assessment of adults and older adults with a wide variety of neurological disorders, medical diagnoses, and psychiatric conditions. She offers supportive consultation to caregivers interested in learning ways to manage and improve the wellbeing of family members with neuro-cognitive deficits, as well as ways to manage their own stress.

She serves as a mentor, supervisor, and leader within the psychology community as well as in state and local organizations.