2015 Tillman Scholar

Anthony Lena

Tufts University
M.A., International Affairs

“I am committed to developing a collaborative approach so communities can better protect our children in schools.”

Anthony describes his service in the U.S. Navy as a privately catalogued history of invaluable life lessons. Throughout his career, he has learned that it is imperative to embrace all experiences, from combat to the classroom, and that passing this hardwon knowledge on to others transforms these events into positive outcomes in the future. For him, many of the greatest lessons have come from the men and women he served beside, who have lived with strong purpose and made inordinate personal sacrifices every day in service to our country.

Over his career of service in Naval Special Warfare, Anthony’s unique and diverse assignments have involved confronting complicated and multifaceted problems alongside senior foreign officials, policy makers and diplomats to find cooperative, amicable solutions across the globe. These engagements, highly ambiguous and complex in nature, required dynamic decision-making backed by thorough understanding and consideration of the strategic implications. Anthony’s unwavering commitment to improving the aggregate security of our interconnected world is underscored by his compelling personal experiences.

Inspired through his military service, Anthony is pursuing his M.A in International Affairs and Relations at Tufts University. Maximizing the interdisciplinary opportunities of the Global Master of Arts Program, he seeks to broaden his perspective on international affairs by engaging a curriculum that combines international political, legal, financial, humanitarian, environmental, and security studies. Upon completion, he will possess a broader understanding of the world’s geopolitical nuances, sensitivities, and agitators that impede the pursuit of our international priorities. Beyond his military service, Anthony seeks to continue his deep contribution to our nation by offering his service experience, amplified by a top-notch education, to shape future international outcomes while serving as a senior advisor on international policy.