2013 Tillman Scholar

Alison Kralick

Campbell University

A senior in high school on 9/11, Ali felt a calling to serve and entered the class of 2006 at West Point. Upon graduation, she commissioned as an Army intelligence officer, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Philippines during her eight years of service. Throughout her military career, she was a part of the process in which terrorists were identified, found, and ultimately captured. As a Cultural Support Team (CST) leader, Ali’s interactions with the women and children on the battlefield opened her eyes to the need to balance punishment with compassion. 

In 2013, Ali left the military to pursue her lifelong goal of being a lawyer and currently attends Campbell University School of Law in Raleigh, North Carolina. In the course of her legal studies, her interests naturally fell in line with criminal prosecution, specifically, in the areas of national security, counterterrorism, and–an issue she was first introduced to during her time in the military–human trafficking. After interning with her local District Attorney’s office and United States Attorney’s Office, she confirmed her interest in criminal prosecution, easily identifying with the role of the prosecutor in administering justice. As part of a dual degree with North Carolina State University, she is also obtaining a Masters degree in Public Administration to help reinforce a lifetime commitment to public service.