2023 Tillman Scholar

Alexander Hilser

Air Force
University of Arizona

“‘That Others May Live’ is a creed I lived for 8 years. As a doctor, I will continue to give my all to help those in my care.”

Alex was born in Maryland and attended Rice University where he earned his degree in kinesiology and sports dedicine. During school he worked as an EMT and wanted to continue his medical training while serving his country. In 2014 Alex enlisted in the Air Force and began training as a pararescueman. During his training he became a combat diver, freefall jumper, paramedic ,and most importantly he became a husband to his loving wife, Maura. 

After graduating in 2017, Alex was stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB and joined the 48th Rescue Squadron. In 2018, Alex deployed to Africa where he worked as a jump team primary medic and later as a rotary wing medic supporting special operations missions. In 2020, Alex deployed to Afghanistan where he served as a rotary wing team leader on 24/7 CSAR alert. After more than six years of active duty, Alex wanted to continue his medical education and bring the lessons he learned overseas into the hospital setting. 

He transitioned to the Reserves 306th Rescue Squadron and was accepted into the M.D. program at University of Arizona College of Medicine. He is currently starting his second year as a medical student, is president of the student government, and performs field rescues with the Southern Arizona Search and Rescue, all while maintaining his currencies as a pararescueman. Alex hopes to become a doctor where he can save lives at home while still continuing as a reserve pararescueman that can bring even greater medical skills to the battlefield.