2014 Tillman Scholar

Alexander Beasy

University of Texas
B.S., Biochemistry

“Military training has instilled the mindset that the only easy day was yesterday.”

During his six years serving as a Navy SEAL, while training and going after America’s enemies, Alexander discovered a passion for medicine and treating those in need while serving two combat deployments in Afghanistan. Upon returning from a deployment, Alexander was given the opportunity to shadow a Navy Captain who was an emergency room doctor at Portsmouth Naval Hospital. The Captain answered any questions he had while providing insight into the world of emergency medicine. The chance of a lifetime helped to solidify Alexander’s desire to become an emergency room doctor.

Alexander is on the long hard road to becoming a physician. His military training has instilled in him a no-quit attitude and the mindset that “the only easy day was yesterday.” Alexander understands the road ahead will be difficult but has a burning desire and a family who depends on his success.

Alexander’s training as a Navy SEAL instilled the discipline and tenacity needed to become a physician. He will return to his hometown and study biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio.