2015 Tillman Scholar

Adrian Perkins

Harvard University

“My humble beginnings taught me that the finer things in life are bought with effort and sacrifice, not money.”

Growing up one of three brothers, competition was always in Adrian’s blood. After his older brother Jeff joined the Army, Adrian was inspired to attend West Point where he served as the captain of the track team and the first African-American cadet ever to be elected class president in West Point’s history. The Academy developed and nurtured Adrian’s ambition, so that he not only looked forward to becoming a Soldier, but he also began seeking ways to implement the lessons he learned into communities outside of the military.

Now pursuing a law degree from Harvard University, Adrian intends to further a career serving others by returning to public service in his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. The lessons he learned in the Army while solving diverse problems are ones he hopes to put to good use in Shreveport, which was recently ranked last nationally in GDP growth for metropolitan areas and has suffered from both an exodus of middle class jobs and unsatisfactory public education.