2017 Tillman Scholar

Tyler Bentley

Arizona State University
B.A., Technological Entrepreneurship & Management

“A focus on technological innovation will ultimately save our operators lives on the battlefield.”

As a young adult, Tyler was eager to find an opportunity that would develop his confidence, build leadership skills, and test his motivation. He found that opportunity in 2007 when he joined the military to become part of a highly trained Naval Special Warfare Unit. As a member of Naval Special Warfare, Tyler has spent nearly 10 years working with some of the most elite military units serving our nation’s interests.

Inspired by a devotion to serve others and an entrepreneurial mindset, Tyler began to study emerging technologies that have the potential to save lives and maximize the efficiency of our special operations units. Through his continued studies of Technological Innovation at Arizona State University, Tyler hopes to facilitate the implementation of autonomous drone technology to further battlefield tactics and mitigate casualties to civilians and operators, alike. Tyler ultimately believes that harnessing these new technologies and assimilating them into the hands of our elite operators, will ensure our special operations teams remain at the forefront of 21st century battlefield strategy.