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-Tricia Robinson, U.S. Army

George Washington University
Doctor of Psychology

Prior to joining the military, Tricia obtained a Masters in Counseling Psychology degree and worked briefly as a therapist. After serving over seven years in the U.S. Army, where she completed a tour in Iraq, an overseas assignment in South Korea, and several trainings such as airborne school, Tricia still feels compelled to challenge herself and continue growing as a person and professional, as well as return to a field where she can have an impact in the future.

Above all else, Tricia was endeavoring to live a life of service. Throughout her studies, Tricia was privileged to join several amazing organizations and serve alongside people who were passionate about giving back. As a recent graduate from the George Washington University in clinical psychology, Tricia has been able to hone her clinical skills in a variety of therapeutic settings over the past few years.

Whether conducting psychological assessments of the military population at Walter Reed Naval Military Medical Center or working with clients in a rural mental health clinic, the diverse trainings received during her doctoral process has equipped Tricia with the necessary skills to embark on the next phase of professional development, where she hopes to have an impact in the psychology field. In addition to completing more trainings regarding trauma, Tricia hopes to effectively reach and service the veteran population in the coming years.