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-Tracy Buettner, U.S. Army

University of Minnesota
M.S., Educational Psychology

Hailing from Minnesota, Tracy Buettner embarked on a journey of service and great opportunity. Feeling the desire to pursue an education, she began her studies at the University of Minnesota while simultaneously beginning her military leadership training through Army ROTC. After absorbing what she could from academia with a Sociology major, she transitioned to a military career as an Army officer. Intrigued by Aviation operations, she ventured to Alabama to become qualified as a helicopter pilot, spending the next six years in numerous Aviation, maintenance, administrative and operational roles.

Through her leadership roles, she discovered a passion for assisting Soldiers in their personal development and attainment of their goals. After seven years of honorable service, she was inspired to forge a future helping children and adolescents realize their own potential. She enrolled in a Master’s program in Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota to lay the groundwork for a profession as a school counselor. Tracy strives towards a future to help restructure the education system to focus on character development as well as academic preparation, in order to transform the children of today into tomorrow’s exceptional citizens.