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-Shireen Wanoskia Cline, U.S. Marine Corps

University of New Mexico
B.S. Criminology and Psychology

A mother, the wife of a Marine, and a Marine Sergeant , Shireen has dedicated her life to protecting the innocent. Having grown up in a third generation alcoholic home, she was determined to break the cycle and be a beacon of hope for others to make a similar change.

During her initial deployment to Iraq, she volunteered for the Lioness Program which allowed her to witness the difference in freedom and equality between local women and being an American were monumental. Being apart of the Lioness Program, meant being a role model for Iraqi women, which she carries over to her community. Shireen’s current education goals include a Dual Major in Criminology and Psychology. With this particular experience and education she plans on applying to the FBI Special Agent program to protect the innocent within America.