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-Sarah Hutchinson, U.S. Air Force, Military Spouse

University of Arizona
Doctor of Medicine

As a wife of a PJ and a medical student at the University of Arizona Sarah is working hard to become a leader in her community both on the military front and as a future physician. Sarah is an active member of their spouse support system at Davis monthan Air Force base, providing meals to new families joining othe squadron and making sure spouses who are going through deployments have the support they need. Sarah is also active in her medical school as a leader for MSFC, a school sponsored club. She is looking forward to representing the Tillman Foundation in my every day life, giving back to her military community, continuing to volunteer in student run free clinics and becoming a primary care physician with a commitment to serving those in our community that have not traditionally had access to healthcare.

Fueled by her work in the community clinics at University of Arizona, Sarah wants to help improve access to quality health care for the underserved.